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Vuma Levin: Tales from the Middle and End of History

08 December 17
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The Orbit Jazz Club

'Vuma Levin is destined to be one of South African Jazz's greatest musicans' Mail & Guardian, Sihle Mthembu.

Guitarist and composer Vuma Levin challenges the listener to interrogate issues of race, nation, power, being and the post-apartheid South African self in the increasingly globalised order of the 21st century. To this end his unique brand of hybrid music makes use of digital samples and prepared instruments and fuses, contemporary jazz, rock, hip hop, pop and South African musical forms such as Marabi, Ghoema and Nguni-Sotho Choral and Gourd bow song. 
Following the commercial and critical successes of the physical releases of his first 2 albums 'The Spectacle of An-Other' and 'Life and Death on The Otherside of The Dream', guitarist and composer Vuma Levin will be making the recordings available digitally. To mark the occassion, Vuma will be giving a one time concert on, November 17 2017, at South Africa's premier jazz venue, The Orbit - Home of Jazz, featuring some of South African jazz's, finest and widely celebrated musicians.  Joining him will be South African Jazz Legend Carlo Mombelli (Bass), Standard Bank Young Artist Andre Petersen (Piano), Standard Bank Youth Band Artist Justin Bellairs (Sax) and one of the first call drummers in South Africa Jonno Sweetman. Join him for this special and unforgettable evening.

Starts at 20:00


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